What is Gender Studies?

Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary discipline that bridges the arts and humanities with the social sciences and the natural sciences to explain the human experience. As a subject, gender includes gender relations and identities, women, and sexualities. As a category of analysis, gender intersects with other categories of social difference, such as race, ethnicity, social class and ability to interrogate cultural production, structures of knowledge and systems of power.

What can I do with a Gender Studies major? 

The career goals of the Gender Studies major/minor span multiple sectors, including corporate, arts, government, public service and non-governmental. Such careers might include work in an NGO or foundation, in human resources, in advertising, in the creative sector, in a tech start-up, or in business leadership. Recently, the Hong Kong government and the local corporate sector have made gender equity and promoting female leadership a top priority. Thus, with expertise on gender, equity and inclusion, as well as skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving, HKU’s Gender Studies majors will be uniquely positioned to work across multiple sectors in Hong Kong.