How to apply

The Gender Studies Programme offers two research postgraduate degrees: the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Students work under the guidance of an advisor in the Gender Studies Programme. Thus, the Programme is only able to support research that falls within the expertise of our faculty. Potential students should contact the relevant advisor well in advance of their application. Major research areas include:

  • Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture – Gender or urban history of Hong Kong or China, Interdisciplinary research on intersectionality and racialized inequalities in Asia
  • Dr. Grace Ting – Gender and sexuality in Japan, literary and culture studies (e.g. literature, manga), girls’ culture, queer theory and queer Asian studies, transnational and women of color feminisms, Sinophone studies and diaspora, translation

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The Programme also requires candidates to submit a detailed research proposal, to be considered by the relevant committees involved in the admissions process. Successful applicants are admitted on the basis of their academic accomplishment and potential, as well as on the strength of their research proposal, which should include the following:

  • Title: which is tentative and may change later
  • Statement of research question(s): What issue(s) is the proposed topic addressing? What ideas are you testing? What is your hypothesis?
  • Overview of existing scholarship on the chosen topic: What is the relevant literature in the field? What issues are at stake? What are the debates? How does the proposed topic make a new contribution to this conversation?
  • Research methodologies and theories: What methodological approaches will the project adopt to answer the research question? What Gender Studies theories does the project engage with? What kinds of sources will the researcher consult; how will they locate and use those sources?
  • Significance: What is the academic significance of this research project? What contributions will it make.
  • Bibliography: List the most important published works related to the topic and original sources to be consulted

If you have any inquiries regarding Gender Studies Programme research postgraduate degrees, please contact our Postgraduate coordinator, Dr Elizabeth LaCouture, at