New GEND courses are coming!

We are pleased to announce that The Gender Studies Programme will be releasing new gender-related advanced courses this coming academic year! Those courses will take you to explore various gender issues among Asia, especially in Hong Kong. Please scroll down for more details and jot down the important dates for course selection (schedule as follows).

Course Selection Schedule 2019-20:
Course selection for year 2 or above students: August 7-13, 2019.
Course selection for year 1 students: August 21-27, 2019.

Semester 1
GEND2005. Religion, gender, and sexuality
This course examines religion, gender and sexuality as crucial systems of power that shape our world. Rather than introducing gender and religion according to the categorization of “world religions,” this course applies a thematic approach. It aims to show how gender is understood differently across culture and society as variations of a theme, while reflecting on the religious practices and gender norms of their own social and cultural backgrounds and the cross-cultural issues.
Prerequisite: GEND1001 or CLIT1002 (for students admitted in 2017-18 or before).
Assessment: 100% coursework.

Semester 2
GEND2001. De-colonizing Gender
This course aims to decenter European and North American knowledge about gender and introduce a new Asia-centered approach to studying gender, sex, and sexuality. The course will introduce students to theoretical models that challenge the historical privilege of Whiteness and the West in Gender Studies, including Orientalism, the Subaltern School, and Intersectionality. Students will also look at gender theories from colonized/post-colonial or non-Western places, such as China, Japan, South Korea and India. Drawing transnationally from gender theory, the course will propose new models for talking about gender, sex, and sexuality in Hong Kong, China, and Asia.
Assessment: 100% coursework.
Prerequisite: GEND1001 or CLIT1002 (for students admitted in 2017-18 or before)

GEND2003. Gender, generation, and leadership
The practice of Gender Studies, and indeed the experience of gender, frequently crosses disciplinary boundaries. This course will give students access to approaches derived from a number of disciplines, including art history, cultural studies, and material culture, which will enable them to develop and extend their understanding of how objects, images and other kinds of representations are implicated in and predicated on discourses of gender. The course will explore topics including fashion, architecture, design, fine art and photography, and print and new media, covering a broad territory of times and places. Students will develop a critical understanding of some of the key debates that have structured feminist theories of representation, and their relationship to the general field of visual culture. Emphasis will be placed on engagement with resources and research methods specific to visual topics, including object sessions and museum visits where appropriate, with the aim of providing students with tools and skills that they can utilize throughout their undergraduate careers.
Prerequisite: GEND1001 or CLIT1002 (for students admitted in 2017-18 or before).
Assessment: 100% coursework.