We are pleased to welcome Dr. Brenda Rodriguez Alegre as our new faculty member of “Gender Studies Family”!

Dr. Alegre was born in the Philippines. She is among the Board of Directors of STRAP – The Society of Transsexual Women Advocates of the Philippines which is the first and longest existing support and advocacy group for and of transgender women. She has been active in activism and rights advocacies for LGBTQ and Women in both the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Dr. Alegre is interested in a wide range of topics regarding the gender, sexuality, Transgender and non-binary identities, social and clinical psychology, migrant queer identities, religion and identities among the Queer. Her forthcoming publications considering the living experience of trans-gender people.

In this coming semester, Dr. Alegre is going to offer a common core course “CCHU9007. Humanities Sexuality and Gender: Diversity and Society”. This course welcomes HKU undergraduates who are interested in understanding the relations of sexual and gender diversity!

To know more about Dr. Alegre, please find her profile at: