Affiliated Faculty

Gender/Diversity/Sexuality Scholars at the Faculty of Arts

School of Chinese

Dr. Lucas KLEIN
Associate Professor

Dr. Pei Yin LIN
Associate Professor

Professor Shu Mei SHIH
Hon-yin and Suet-fong Chan Professor

Dr. Geng SONG
Associate Professor

Professor Cuncun WU

Dr. Binbin YANG
Associate Professor

School of English

Dr. Katherine H. Y. CHEN
Honorary Associate Professor

Dr. Brandon Choon Hong, CHUA
Assistant Professor

Dr. Wendy Chiu Hua, GAN
Associate Professor

Dr. Elizabeth HO
Assistant Professor

Professor Adam JAWORSKI
Chair Professor

Professor Julia KUEHN

Dr. Lisa Li Su, LIM
Honorary Associate Professor

Dr. Jessica VALDEZ
Assistant Professor, School of English

School of Humanities

Department of History

Professor John CARROLL

Dr. Patricia CHIU
Honorary Assistant Professor

Dr. Peter CUNICH
Associate Professor

Dr. Stacilee FORD
Honorary Associate Professor

Professor David POMFRET 

Dr. Carol Chiu Long, TSANG

Department of Comparative Literature

Professor Gina MARCHETTI


(Rest to resort)

Dr. María Eugenia De Luna Villalón

Assistant Lecturer, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Spanish Program

Dr. Roslyn L. HAMMERS

Associate Professor, Department of Fine Arts


Professor, Common Core Office

Dr. Miranda LEGG

Senior Lecturer, Centre for Applied English Studies

Dr. Vivian SHENG

Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts

Dr. Carlos Enrique, SOTO PINEDA

Lecturer, Faculty of Education

Dr. María Mercedes Vázquez Vázquez

Lecturer & Honorary Assistant Professor, School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Spanish Program


Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts

Dr. Kofi YAKPO

Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics

Dr. Lisa YIU

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

Dr. Tracy ZOU

Assistant Professor, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

(Listed alphabetically by last name)